Peer counceling

In order to offer the additional source of support to the LGBTIQ community, LORI has initiated the new form of counselling called Peer counselling. This counselling method is based on organised laic help where persons with similar experiences (counsellors) provide support and advice to others (clients).

Peer counselling gives an opportunity to get in contact with counsellors (peers) who possess knowledge of the LGBTIQ topics and everyday problems that LGBTIQ persons face. Moreover, peer counselling enables a person to work on his/her self-respect, emotional acceptance and growth, and to develop his/her personal potentials. The counselling may involve whole spectrum of topics such as the matters of development, resolving a specific problem, reaching a certain decision, confrontation with a situation of crisis, development of a personal insight and cognition, improvement of the relationship with others, and similar. This form of counselling has been implemented and practiced worldwide and it is enabling numerous persons to gain strength when encountering difficulties and problems one living in homo/bi/transphobic society faces.

Peer counselling is implemented in three manners: in person, by phone and on-line. In case you feel the need for counselling, if you wish to talk to someone in order to face and resolve a difficulty more easily without a fear of discrimination or if you need an information related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity feel free to contact us :)

Counselling in person

If you wish to arrange a counselling in person or by phone, please contact: 091 4934133 or e-mail

If you wish to arrange on-line counselling, please contact:


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