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Smoqua - Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture.

Fun, games and quiz @Smoqua 2021

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At 5th Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua  from 7 October 7 to 9 October this year join us for lots of mingling, talks, fun and games! :) LORI Youth Group, which acts in the field of LGBTI human rights, holds an interesting and interactive workshop Games Without Borders. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about human rights and everyday life of LGBTIQ+ persons through games.

Lectures and talks @Smoqua 2021

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At the 5th Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua from 7 October to 9 October this year, apart from the artistic and creative programme, you can engage in a panel discussion and lecture with several remarkable theoreticians, activists and artists!

On Friday, 8 October at 2 pm an inspirational lecture is being given by Meredith Jones, an Australian transdisciplinary scholar currently employed at Brunel University London. Her research is at the intersection of feminist theories of the body, media and gender studies, for she is the expert on the socio-cultural aspects of the Kardashians. At the festival, Professor Jones will hold an open online lecture The Curated Self: Virtual and Real Media-Bodies, for everyone interested in blurring the line between the virtual and real in the representation of the body.

Exhibition opening Don't assume @Smoqua 2021

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At the 5th festival of queer and feminist culture Smoqua from 7 October to 9 October this year check out two awesome exhibitions prepared by organisers LORI and partners GSG!

Deviant women is brought by GSG on the first day of the festival, and on 8 October at 1 pm at Dnevni Boravak (Ciottina Street 12a) Smoqua will host the opening of the exhibition Don't assume of Croatian photographer Vanja Brajković from Pula. This is the first public presentation of Vanja's work.

Workshops @Smoqua 2021

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At 5th Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua from 7 October to 9 October 2021, with wonderful associates from various parts of Europe, organisers LORI, PaRiter and GSG have prepared interesting workshops: from drag transformation, yoga, activist embroidery, self-sustainable financing and editing Wikipedia!
Find your best way of learning and entertainment in a creative and relaxing atmosphere. :)

GSG@Smoqua 2021: Fenia Kotsopoulou, Aylwyn Walsh & Simon(e) van Saarloos

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From 7 October to 9 October 2021 the fifth Festival of Queer and Feminist CultureSmoqua gathers activists and artists from United Kingdom, Greece, Serbia, France, Poland... performances, exhibitions, discussions, workshops, lectures, Queer-UP! Party – these are merely some of the many contents in which you can ‘dive’ into queer and feminism in these three days.

Partners at Smoqua since its beginnings, GSG is bringing us various activities to Rijeka this year:

  • Exhibition opening: Deviant Women, on Thursday, October 7that 7 PM in Delta Lab (address: Delta 5). Greek award-winning cross-disciplinary artist Fenia Kotsopoulou with addresses in UK and Netherlands, and British scholar/artist/activist Aylwyn Walsh explore judgements made on and about women’s bodies when they are seen as deviant or unruly. They stage photographic, film and installation interventions to explore the abject female body, hair and ambiguity. The exhibition is open until 21 October.

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