Project ‘Rainbow Way’ is conducted by Project Coordinator Bonsai and partner organisations Rainbow Families and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI from October 2022 until end of May 2023. This project aims to support young LGBTIQ people in Dubrovnik through active involvement in support groups, individual psychotherapy, networking opportunities, socializing, entertainment, networking, and volunteering against prejudice through the Living Library - a very effective tool in which the "Living Books" are people who have experienced discrimination, and who can provide readers with a unique opportunity to gain insight into otherwise “invisible” spheres of negative social phenomena. Fighting prejudice in this way contributes to reducing discrimination in society.

At the end of July 2022, The Ambidexter club, partnered with the Nansen Dialogue centre, the Association of promoting informatics, culture and coexistence IKS, SOS Rijeka - the centre of nonviolence and human rights, Lesbian Organisation Rijeka - LORI and the Association for human rights and civic participation “PaRiter” began implementing project SPONA- solidarity in supporting youth facing the risk of poverty, social exclusion, and violence as well as young people in distressing situations. The purpose of the project that is to be conducted over the course of 14 months, is to contribute to the societal development by improving the efficacy of civil society in responding to the needs of the local community, particularly in critical situations.
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Healthy relationships (2022. - 2023.)

Project “Healthy Relationships” is focused on the key problem of the lack of content from the field of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in school curricula, the lack of recognition of its importance by relevant stakeholders, and the stigma based on inaccurate information that’s surrounding CSE.
Key activities are research activities in primary and secondary schools with a focus on elements of CSE, advocacy for the introduction of CSE, and public awareness of the benefits of introducing CSE.
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LGBTIQ Work Equality Alliance project is a continuation of the efforts of Croatian and Slovenian civil society organisations (CSOs), companies and other employers, and trade unions in addressing discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESCE) and promotion of inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people in employment. The project started on January 1st 2022, implemented by civil society organizations Expanse of Gender and Media Culture Common Zone and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka - LORI from Croatia and Legebitra from Slovenia.
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Youth Voices for Social Changes (2022. - 2023.)

The project contributes to building the capacity of two civil society organisations (CSOs) in working with youth but it is also focused on improving the skills and knowledge of LGBTI+ youth. In true partnership, this project will bring together young people from Croatia and Slovenia conducting joint activities and rasing awareness on the importance of active civic participation of LGBTI+ youth in the community.
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Supporting Inclusive Education - Building a Safe Future (2021.-2023.)

The project contributes to building the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) and educational institutions to implement LGBTI human rights education and encourages cross-sectoral cooperation in the implementation of human rights education. It also increases young people's awareness of civic activism and strengthens their capacity for social action and involves them in the work of civil society organisations. Through various project activities, a mechanism of systematic support to LGBTI youth as a multiple vulnerable group is created, in their coping with social stigma, violence and discrimination.
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Common Point: Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people (2019.-2022.)

Project Common Point - Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people lasts from October 1st 2019 until September 30th 2021.
Through the exchange of good practices at European level, project aims at developing innovative materials of wide diffusion that gather these experiences and multiply their impact in diverse territorial contexts. Specifically, to create an innovative and easily accessible material to train professionals in the field of mental health, in order to promote the design of personalized support programs for LGBTQI people in their empowerment processes. Also, aim is to link the needs of LGBTQI people with professionals interested in learning about this group through an educational program.
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Together with 7 other organizations from Southern and Eastern Europe, Magnet organisation from Serbia implements the project Promoting Rights, Inclusion, Diversity and Education – P.R.I.D.E., granted by the Serbian Erasmus+ National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme. The aim of the project is to contribute to the effort of citizens and civil society organisations from Eastern and Southern Europe to address the needs of young LGBTQ+ and to decrease bias and discrimination towards them.

Work Equality for All is project conducted by Expanse of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone' (Croatia), Lesbian Organisation Rijeka LORI (Croatia), Stichting Centrum Tûmba (Netherlands) and SOLIDARNA- Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity (Croatia). Project is based on the results and findings of project Alliance for LGBTI Workplace Equality which was implemented by LORI, Common Zone, OWID-Organisation for Workers' Initiative and Democratization and CSO Dawn (2015 – 2017) and represents its extension and continuation.

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Humane Education - Responsible Society (2018.-2019.)

Humane Education - Responsible Society is a project mutually conducted by Lesbian Organization Rijeka - LORI, Human rights and civic participation association „PaRiter“, SOS Rijeka - Centre for Nonviolence and Human Rights and Centre for Women's Studies of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. The project aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the students of the University of Rijeka for active civic participation in the area of gender equality and related human rights in the sense of building a more humane society.

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Not Just Numbers (2017.)

Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI participated as a partner organisation in the Erasmus+ project ‘Not just Numbers’. Four LORI activists have attended this international youth worker mobility project aimed at strengthening cooperation and developing capacity of youth organisations in dealing with migration and asylum issues.
The project is a training of trainers, based on non-formal methods and experiential learning such as small group work, team-building activities, multimedia presentations, role play and social theatre.

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„Respect Human Rights – Build Inclusive Society“ is a project mutually conducted by Lesbian Organization Rijeka LORI, Zagreb Pride and Trans Aid. The project lasts for 18 months (from November 2015 until May 2017) and it is financed by European Union. In developing the project plan, each partner’s specific expertise has been applied – LORI’s experience in organizing public actions, campaigns and education, Zagreb Pride’s experience in public advocacy and established cooperation with public institutions, as well as Trans Aid’s knowledge of trans rights which at the moment require special consideration in Croatia.

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Alliance For LGBTI Workplace Equality (2015.-2017.)

Alliance For LGBTI Workplace Equality“ is a project mutually conducted by Expansion of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone', OWID-Organization for Workers' Initiative and Democratization, NGO Dawn and Lesbian Organization Rijeka LORI in collaboration with associations Trans Aid and Zagreb Pride. The project lasts for 18 months (from November 2015 until May 2017) and aims to strengthen the capacities of organizations for human and labor rights with regard to discrimination against LGBTI people on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation in the workplace.

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Compass: Human Rights Training (2016.)

Compass: Human Rights Training is an Erasmus+ project intended to educate persons interested in human rights and youth workers educating youngsters on human rights.

Eight-day training is organized by CSO StepEurope and carried out in Kaarina (Finland) from 20th to 28th of March, 2016. Training involved 28participants from 7 Erasmus+ Programme countries (Finland, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Romania, UK and Croatia) as well as a team of four trainers/experts and three logistical and management support workers.

The main project activity is a training course on using the methods and organizing activities described in the Council of Europe’s ‘Compass’ Human Rights Education Manual.

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For schools without homophobia, transphobia and prejudice (2015.-2016.)

With the aim of suppression of all the forms of violence based on the sexual orientation and gender identity among youngsters and within the educational institutions, NGOs Zagreb Pride and LORI have initiated the project For schools without homophobia, transphobia and prejudice. Project is financed by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth of the Government of Croatia and is being carried out from November 2015 to October 2016.

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Human Library in Action against Prejudice (2015.)

The project Human Library in Action against Prejudice is an innovative, interactive and, until now, little-used concept in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, but also in the whole of Croatia. The project aims to promote and protect human rights, reduce prejudice and foster understanding and tolerance. The Human Library method represents a successful instrument in the promotion of human rights, and its function is twofold. On the one hand, members of vulnerable and stigmatized groups who are involved in the action are given an opportunity for empowerment, as well as an opportunity to become active participants in the creation of a more tolerant society that respects the rights of all citizens. On the other hand, by engaging in the dialogue, Human Library visitors are sensitized and informed: personal approach and experience help change their former views, reduce negative tensions and strengthen their empathy towards others who are different.

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Gender equality impact in local communities (2014.)

LORI has implemented of the project "Gender equality impact in local communities" with the support of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The project was carried out by five NGOs from five different Croatian counties which are covering far geographical points of Croatia and are concerned with different social aspects: NGO LORI – LGBT rights and empowerment of the LGBT community (Primorje-Gorski Kotar County), NGO Zora – human rights and gender equality (Međimurje County), K-zona – gender and media culture (City of Zagreb), Pobjede – protection and promotion of animal rights (Osjek-Baranja County) and NGO Bonsai – development of volunteer practice (Dubrovnik-Neretva County). The main carrier of the project worth 324.953,00 kn was K-Zona, which is the organiser of the Vox Faminae festival in Zagreb every autumn since 2007.

The main aim of the project is the increase of the impact and appreciation of women's work in the local communities and civil sector. Therefore, through common campaign on the national level and 5 local campaigns the project was raising awareness of the general public on the topics that are central to the partner NGOs as well as lobbied for more efficient implementation and improvement of public policies.

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