Workshops @Smoqua 2021

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At 5th Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua from 7 October to 9 October 2021, with wonderful associates from various parts of Europe, organisers LORI, PaRiter and GSG have prepared interesting workshops: from drag transformation, yoga, activist embroidery, self-sustainable financing and editing Wikipedia!
Find your best way of learning and entertainment in a creative and relaxing atmosphere. :)

On October 7th at Delta Lab (Delta 5) from 3 to 5 pm check out the workshop Self-Sustainable Funding for Feminist Realities. The workshop aims to bring awareness of self-sustainable funding to feminist organisations, highlighting successful fundraising practices. With Evdokia, advisor of the Frida – Young Feminist Fund, explore opportunities to become independent from donors and grants. Hope to see you there!

On Friday, October 8th from 2 to 4 pm at Palach (address: Kružna 8) Discover yourself through yoga with Evdokia Romanova: focus on connecting with your body and exploring its individual needs. We learn to love and take care of ourselves, finding a hub for reflection, peace, and relaxation within our bodies. All bodies, identities, and levels of experience are welcomed! Please, wear comfortable clothes, and bring your water bottle and a mat. Send an e-mail to to apply.

On the same day at Palach from 6 to 7 pm try to create your own drag character at Drag Transformation. Join us with Le Filip in bringing out your inner drag character and explore more layers of YOU. Let's release our bodies and minds together! Please bring your own makeup, clothes and hairbrushes. Let’s free our bodies and minds together!

On the last day of festival, October 9th from noon to 3 pm in Palach learn how to edit articles on Wikipedia in Croatian language. Workshop conductors Željko Blaće and Lorena Herceg will provide more information about Wikimedia and local Wikipedia group will be formed. Send an e-mail to

On October 9th from 4 to 6 pm Karolina Wieckiewicz will be holding a workshop Activist Embroidery. You will be able to learn how to and make your own embroidery with an activist message. Recommendation: bring a T-shirt or a piece of fabric on which you want to have your embroidery. Equipment needed will be provided at the workshop.

See you at Smoqua! :)

*LORI as the main organiser of the events will of course follow all measures and recommendations for the prevention of infection with COVID-19, and in order to ensure that Smoqua passes in a safe and cheerful atmosphere.


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