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First Feminist Walk Around Rijeka @Smoqua

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The Feminist Walk Around Rijeka will be held in Rijeka for the first time within this year's Smoqua festival as a common initiative of the Center for Women's Studies of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka and the LORI. The guided walk intends to inform the public about the unfamiliar or tacit contributions of women for Rijeka and the wider community.

Already known formats such as Women's Antifascist Zagreb or the Feminist Tour Around Ljubljana can naturally be a connected with walks name, but this one focuses on showing a significant part of Rijeka's history by emphasizing the biographies of women whose work and activities can be linked to locations in the narrow city center. Their contributions can be seen in the preservation of cultural and historical heritage, in the field of science and education, architecture, literature and our everyday life.

Tour around the city center, connecting their biographies and location, shows the lack of representation of women in public space. A digital description of the tour will be available on an interactive app within the Rijeka in Flux project and all participants of the walk will be given a copy of the designer map prepared by Sara Vižintin, a graphic designer and photographer.

So if you are interested in finding out about significant women who contributed to the development of the city that flows join us for a guided walk on Friday, October 16th from 16 o'clock. We are starting from Janeza Trdine 7  while the walk will be led by Jelena Bellolan, historian and art historian.

Graphics: Sara Vižintin

We look forward to you joining us!


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