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What is RocketLauncher?

RocketLauncher is a Joomla installation package that installs Joomla as the demo. The launcher installs the sample data, which has been customised to match the demo, and the template, extensions and images are already built in. The launcher is the best method to replicate the demo with ease.

Due to the complexity of our demos, it is much easier to see it in action then it is to read in written tutorials and / or viewing screenshots. Therefore, the process of using the template on your Joomla site is much faster, simpler and makes for a better experience.


We use the latest Joomla version available at the time for our launchers and when Joomla updates, we proceed to update all the launchers so they are up to date for all new downloads. Please go to the Joomla Downloads repository to see what version the RocketLauncher is using.

For information on upgrading Joomla, please see:

RocketLauncher includes a FULL Joomla install, in addition to the template and demo contents. The Joomla installation process is necessary in creating the demo content, therefore RocketLauncher will only work properly as a new Joomla installation. It can not be used on an existing Joomla installation.


Step 1 - Upload the files

  • Download the Iridium RocketLauncher Package ( from the Iridium template downloads section
  • Unzip the zip packaged onto your computer to reveal the Joomla_RT_Iridium_j15 folder
  • Upload this to your site using your FTP client

Note, on some servers, you can upload the zip and extract the package directly onto your server using cPanel or SSH access. For more details on this, please contact your hosting provider.

Step 2 - Installation

  • Direct your browser to the installation such as or to whatever directory your uploaded to
  • Choose a Language for your site then click next
  • Review the Pre-Installation Check page then click next
  • Review the License page then click next
  • Insert your Database information: host name, mysql username and mysql password then click next
  • Insert your main configuration information: site name, admin password and email address
  • Click Install Sample Data then click next
  • Delete the /installation directory on your server
It is very important that you click the Install Sample Data button during the installation process, otherwise the launcher will be blank.

Further Guides

RocketLauncher Installation Video Tutorial
Learn the steps to uploading the RocketLauncher package files to your server and installing the RocketLauncher template package by following along with the steps in this detailed video tutorial. It's now easier than ever before to deploy a replica of the RocketTheme template demo sites.

Uploading RocketLauncher to your Root
An in depth guide that details the steps necessary to properly upload the files from the RocketLauncher template package directly to the root of your site. This will ensure your RocketLauncher installation installs to the root of your site, and not in a subfolder.

Updating RocketLauncher / Joomla on Mac
If you are a Mac user and develop in a localhost environment, you will want to use Terminal to update your Joomla as it is the fastest and simplest way to update locally on a Mac.


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This guide covers the basics of installing a template.

Downloading the necessary files

To install the template, you only need one file:-

  • Iridium Template rt_iridium_j15.tgz - This is the template file that you use to install into Joomla.

There are other files that you may wish to download that accompany the release, but are not required for the template to work.

  • Iridium Source PNG(s) - This contains all the Adobe Fireworks PNG source files for the template, and if applicable, the logo font.
  • Iridium Extensions - This package contains all the extensions that accompany the template release.
  • Iridium RocketLauncher - The RocketLauncher pack is a full Joomla install that contains all the demo content, including extensions and the template.
The latest extensions can be downloaded from the Extensions Download area located here

Step 1 - Using the Joomla installer

  • Login into the Joomla administrator (
  • Go to Extensions → Install/Uninstall
  • Select the browse button and find rt_iridium_j15.tgz
  • Click Upload & Install

The template is now installed.

Step 2 - Making Iridium Default

  • Login into the Joomla administrator (
  • Go to Extensions → Template Manager
  • Find rt_iridium_j15.tgz
  • Select the radio icon to its left
  • Click Default in the top right button menu

The template is now default and will appear as your site theme.


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Joomla 1.5 Iridium Written Tutorials

How to Install
Replicate the demo
Style Control
Control the style
Menu Options
Choose a menu
Using Typography
Content styling
Logo Editing
Edit the logo

Joomla 1.5 Iridium Video Tutorials


Logo Editing Video Tutorial

Learn how to customise your Iridium logo using Adobe Fireworks with this detailed video tutorial.

Joomla 1.5 Forum Tutorials

Demo Content

We have a forum based tutorial outlining the syntax used in constructing the Frontpage elements of the Iridium demo, mainly (if not all), using the RocketTheme RokCandy extension.

Template Configuration

To configure the template, go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_iridium_j15. There you will find a list of all the template parameters. You can control many aspects of the template here. If you mouseover the labels/names of each parameter, a description will appear via tooltip to outline what each parameter does.


The template has an integrated PNG fix for IE6 that allows transparent PNG32 images to show, as intended, in the IE6 browser. All you need to do is add class="png" to the element such as the change in the following example:-

<img src="images/sample1.png" alt="sample" />

Change to

<img src="images/sample1.png" alt="sample" class="png" />


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This is a listing of all the extensions that accompany the template release.

image RokQuickCart Module
A javascript based cart component. A quick and easy way to setup a shop in your Joomla site.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokStories Module
Functional showcase module for displaying content items and their accompanying images in an interactive and versatile manner.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokAjaxSearch Module
Ajax powered module, allowing for interactive search of both local Joomla pages and the web with its Google integration.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokNavMenu Module
RokNavMenu is a foundational extension which is at the core of the inbuilt menu systems and is a requirement for all themes.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokBox Module
Javascript popup / litebox utility, can be used for images, links, videos, websites, PDFs and much more.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokNewsPager Module
A preview content module, enhanced by ajax for dynamic pagination as well as accordion effects.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokCandy Component
A component that provides BBcode style functionality for Joomla for swift and easy implementation of complex code.   Download - Documentation
image RokGZipper Plugin
A performance plugin that compresses your CSS and JS files via GZip which results in faster page loads. Compatible templates only.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokTabs Module
Tabbed content module, perfect for maximising content exposure without sacrificing on site real estate. Built-in Mootools effects.   Demo - Download - Documentation
image RokPad Editor
A code editor with syntax highlighting, ajax saving and much more. Better than Joomla's No Editor.   Download - Documentation


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